h3 Technolgies has been offering ecommerce solutions to clients for nearly a decade and we are constantly enhancing our programming techniques to maintain exceptionally high standards of functionality.

Buying online is now something that the majority of us have done at some point, and most of us do frequently, even to the point of having your groceries delivered to your door.

We are specialists in the industry at creating ecommerce solutions that are unbeatable. Whatever you want to sell on line, and however you would like your shopping basket to function we can cater for you. We write bespoke ecommerce software to tailor it to your market or product making it unique to your site.

There are so many various levels of interaction that a website visitor or owner can have with the ecommerce package from generally taking orders for a small number of products to the ability to handle your full online business for 1000's of products and stock lines.

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